Kalim Beach: A Little Gem on the Outskirts of Patong

Nestled just beyond the vibrant and bustling Patong lies a serene haven known as Kalim Beach. This small, lesser-known beach offers a tranquil escape from the busy streets, providing visitors with breathtaking sunset views, great surfing, and an authentic taste of local food. For those staying at Andaman Beach Hotel – Handwritten Collection, Kalim Beach is just a short distance away and perfectly complements the relaxing experience the hotel offers.


Where to Find Kalim Beach

How to go to Kalim Beach

Kalim is conveniently located just a short drive from the lively Patong Beach. Specifically, it is situated about 2 kilometers north of Patong, making it easily accessible for tourists and locals alike. For guests at Andaman Beach Hotel, the journey to this beach is incredibly convenient, taking only around 10 minutes by foot. This proximity allows hotel guests to effortlessly switch between the tranquil ambiance of Kalim Beach and the energetic vibes of Patong.


Surfing at Kalim Beach

Surfing at Kalim Beach

One of the highlights of Kalim Beach is its excellent surfing conditions. Unlike the calmer waters of other nearby beaches, Kalim boasts impressive waves that attract surfers from near and far. The beach is particularly popular during the monsoon season, from May to October when the waves are most active. If you time your trip right, you may even be able to witness one of the local surf competitions.

Due to the rocky shores and tides, surfing here is only recommended for those with considerable experience. If you’re new to the sport or still learning, the nearby beach of Kamala also offers surfing from May – October and has waves that are more suitable for beginners.


Kalim Beach Street Food

Kalim Beach unfolds its true colors as the sun sets, transforming into a culinary paradise. A multitude of vendors line up by the shoreline, offering a vast array of authentic Thai delicacies. From the fiery som tam (papaya salad) to juicy grilled seafood, your taste buds are in for a treat.

The street food is a delicious yet affordable combo, perfect for travelers on a budget. Don’t miss out on the local favorite, Pad Thai, and pair it with a cooling coconut shake. As a guest at the Andaman Beach Hotel – Handwritten Collection, you can easily amble down to the beach in the evening and revel in the tantalizing flavors wafting through the beach air.


Where to Stay Near Kalim Beach

Best Hotel near Kalim Beach

Selecting the right accommodation is key to making your visit to Phuket memorable. The Andaman Beach Hotel offers the perfect balance of modern comforts and convenience, making it the ideal choice for anyone’s stay. A short drive from the center of Patong and an even shorter distance to the picturesque shores of Kalim, the hotel ensures you’re never far from the attractions and activities that the area has to offer.

The Andaman Beach Hotel features cozy rooms, top-class amenities, and unparalleled service. After a day full of exploring the island paradise of Phuket, guests can unwind at the hotel’s pool or rejuvenate with an in-room spa treatment. The hotel’s friendly staff are always ready to lend a hand with recommendations and journey plans – whether it’s tips about where to eat, how to get around Phuket, or planning a day trip.

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